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GUEST FLOWERS TO THE FRIENDLY INVASION is a series of illustrated postcards
that complement the latest collection of Gonzalo Cutrina´s costume jewellery FRIENDLY INVASION,
inspired by the futuristic flowers of Giacomo Balla and the classic science fiction novel 'The body snatchers' by Jack Finney.


ilustracion gonzalo cutrina

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El tocadori


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gonzalo cutrina is this yours

gonzalo cutrina le look exhibition

gonzalo cutrina el minnie




Maison Le Look opening

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gonzalo cutrina wia brand



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Identity HUMMINGBIRD restaurant Osaka

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Egypt jewelry collection


This collection referring to the ancient Egyptian civilization and its complex mythology.

A very modern, avant-garde society made up by conspiring priests, warlike pharaohs, wise astrologists, lucky beetles,

sacred eunuchs, gods, goddess and baboons.

A community that would build pyramids in the morning, and alienate them with some constellations in the evening.
Millions of artists, writers and romantic poets of all times, and all of whom were bitten by an asp at some point,

have been attracted by the magic halo and the incoherent that always have surrounded ancient Egypt.

We have been influenced with all this stories, and they made us have a good time. With this collection, EGYPT,

we try to pay homage to this pharaonic empire.



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gonzalo cutrina ilustracion


Alive still-live patterns


gonzalo cutrina ilustracion egypt


Prints for scarves Egypt accesories collection

gonzalo cutrina ilustracion plom gallery



Lazy fag-end


illustrations for "DANZA MACABRA" Editorial project by Rubenimichi




Le Look



Coco Chanel



People you may know



Promotional bag for Guiri collection by Estiluz. Euroluce Salone del Mobile Milano



Wallpaper " Cats & Broken vases" for 50th anniversary 3 Tintas Papers pintats Aribau



Floor tile designs for





Yo Dona Magazine


Collective exhibition IV edition BAC CCCB Barcelona




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